I specialise in the design and development of websites, portfolios, and branding for individuals and businesses in the creative industry.

I have worked with hundreds of creative individuals – from photographers to illustrators, filmmakers and artists to design agencies, with large e-commerce projects thrown in for good measure – to design and develop their web presences and personal brands.

I have consulted on optimising images, refining portfolios and growing traffic.


All my sites built from the ground-up and offer complete control over content. I use a modified version of WordPress that allows you to quickly manage image assets and text.

I can provide comprehensive web-hosting and server optimisations to ensure your site works quickly and you have access to a range of analytics to see who is using site and how.


Latest Work

Chris Floyd

Mixing traditional portfolios with a large blog and social media integration via the about page

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Toby Coulson

A simple and clean layout showcases a range of work. A completely responsive slideshow with social media sharing intergration

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Kensington Design

I worked with Kensington Design to create a site that showcased their design services as well as offering clients a range of products.

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Duck Rabbit

Built around several vertical scroll pages with a portfolio that showcases a range of media.

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Jon Tonks

A grid layout showcases a range of projects from international photographer Jon Tonks. The blog format allows for quick custom layouts

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Toby Smith

I worked with Toby to develop a heavily customise portfolio site, presenting work in slideshows, snowfall and map formats

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Night Contact

Working with Night Contact again for 2014 we improved upon last years design to create an interactive exhibition catalogue

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James King

A large portfolio of work that can be filtered by genre with persistent contact and biographic information in an off canvas menu.

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Three tailored vertical scroll sections are available off a full-page video background.

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James O Jenkins

Providing several fast loading portfolios the site also showcases his United Kingdom project with a selectable map overview

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A Fine Beginning

Welsh Photographic collective showcasing several issues. The has has bilingual functionality and a clean and modern layout.

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James Morris

Light animation allows for a more considered user experience. Showcasing a range of work and projects.

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Tim Bowditch

A clear grid layout leads a horizontally scrolling gallery, supporting print sales and detailed contact and biographical information

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Mahtab Hussain

I worked with Mahtab to produce a very clean and minimal photography portfolio that showed off work in a responsive horizontal scroll.

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Edmund Clark

I worked with Edmund to produce a site that showcased his work, recent publications, featured articles and updates.

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